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2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Offroad Cars Review

2021 Ford Ranger 4x4 Offroad Cars Review

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Offroad Cars Review

American manufacturer finally released a new version of the Ford Ranger which will occupy the multifunctional business and commercial truck segment. Had been overtaken by Mitsubishi and Nissan which first released their truck units, Ford finally gave an answer through this new vehicle unit.

For information, for the All New Ford Ranger truck segment, it did not start from the Mitsubishi New Triton and also the New Nissan Navara. After a long wait, the new generation of Ranger was born this year. Not alone, Ford also introduced the Ford New Focus in the hatchback segment to accompany the New Ford Ranger. Now for this opportunity, we will invite you to know more about the generation of Ford Ranger 4×4 cars that now appear more handsome and modern.

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2021 Ford Ranger 4x4 Cars
2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Cars

What’s New at 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Cars ?

Being one of the legendary variants in the truck segment, surely the new version of the Ford Ranger brings a new touch combined with the typical design of the Ranger. Present in two versions of the truck vehicle, namely the single cabin and double cabin, Ford Ranger appeared with a new face that carries a more macho design concept and remains elegant. At first glance, the ‘hangout’ of the New Ranger does look bigger than the old version. This is indeed reasonable because Ford itself is targeting the commercial and business segments as well as mining through this Ford Ranger.

Maintaining the box headlamp that has become his trademark, the new face of the New Ranger is increasingly visible ‘frightening’ with a larger front grille padded with spoilers and fog lamps at the lower end of the front.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Types

Ford itself presents the New Ranger in seven types of choices, namely Single Cabin 2.2L, RAS XL 2.2L, Single Cabin Base 2.5L, Double Cabin Base 2.2L, Double Cabin XLS Plus 2.2L, Double Cabin Wildtrak 2.2, and variants with content capacity the largest engine cylinder, the Double Cabin XLT 3.2L. The seven types of Ford Ranger are adapting manual transmissions which are powered by turbocharger engine technology.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Looks

2021 Ford Ranger 4x4 Looks
2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Looks

Luxury outside, also luxurious inside. That’s about an easy picture of this New Ranger. The cabin inside this car does use first class materials, including the LCD panel that adorns the dashboard cluster. In addition, the Ford Ranger also uses quality leather that surrounds the seat. So, the ferocious performance of a typical diesel engine in this car will be coupled with a luxurious interior that will provide high class comfort.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Exterior

The exterior appearance of the Ford Ranger’s specifications has a new aura of design that is more masculine and elegant. 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Exterior looks sturdy and strong because the frame resembles a protective shield structure that is integrated with one another. With this framework, the Ford Ranger will have a more manly character while making it have maximum protection for motorists in it.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Design

The design concept of the Ford Ranger is indeed still adapting the exterior appearance of the old generation of Ranger. The distinctive design of the American Style can be directly found on the front of this car. The front fascia of the New Ranger looks dashing in the shape of a box headlamp lamp separated by a chrome-colored front grille with an elongated hexagram-shaped design.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Face

2021 Ford Ranger’s 4×4 face also looks more elegant thanks to the placement of the fog lamp at both ends. Moving up, the New Ford Ranger has a multilevel protective iron that is given a shiny chrome accent and is equipped with carved RANGER writing at the very top.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Bumper

On the bumper, there is a silver frame that is colored silver with the addition of a rigid model that has been set to make the distance higher than the ground. Moving to the side, for both single and double Ford Ranger cabins both have stylish side body curves. Masculine impression is also displayed through the tubular step side on the side of this car.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Rear

Moving to the rear of the Ford Ranger, you will once again meet with a typical American vehicle style design. The main taillights and turn signal lights on the New Ranger appear in a straight line next to the cargo door. Increasingly elegant because Ford adds access to a large body kit that also functions as a foothold to climb onto the tub.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Specification

2021 Ford Ranger specifications on the physical part has differences for each type. For example, for a double cabin there is a tubular iron in the cargo box, while for a special edition with a yellow color there is an additional new sports tubular plate in the body.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Interior

Generally cars with business or commercial truck categories rely solely on the performance sector and override passenger comfort. But in contrast to the specifications of this 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4, Ford embed a tagline that the 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 is a car with two functions, namely to transport loads and bulldoze heavy terrain and recreational functions. This means that the Ford Ranger has been prepared as a car that can support daily activities. The interior of the New Ford Ranger was very well built by Ford.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Dashboard

2021 Ford Ranger 4x4 Dashboard
2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Dashboard

The interior of this car is very beautiful with stylish and modern dashboard parts and has been equipped with futuristic features typical of modern cars. The dashboard panel on the New Ford Ranger is dominated by black which makes it look more elegant. Of course, the material that binds the dashboard does not come from haphazard material.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Steer

The steering wheel looks so stylish with a complete and informative instrument panel. The speedometer panel on the Ford Ranger also has a 4 inch screen on the side that can display telephone calls, music playlists, and vehicle information such as trip meters, fuel meters, and others. To support the entertainment needs, there is also an LCD in the middle that can function as a rear view camera to monitor the situation around the car, and there is also a parking sensor that will make it easier for you when you want to park the vehicle.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Seat

2021 Ford Ranger 4x4 Seat
2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Seat

Turning to the upholstery sector, the Ford Ranger has a seat with quality leather that is sweetened with vinyl material in the center of the seat. Seat design on this car increasingly makes the interior of the Ford Ranger look more exclusive. In the seat there is also a seatbelt for security functions. Double Blower AC has also been pinned on the New Ranger so that the air inside the cabin will feel cooler. The cabin of this car has also been equipped with audio features with Single DIN Audio technology which has an output of two speakers.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Doors

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 doors has also been equipped with power windows with manual and automatic models. New Ranger itself is classified in two passenger capacities. For the type of single cabin can only accommodate two people. While the wider Ford Ranger double cabin specifications are able to accommodate up to a maximum of five passengers.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Dimention

As a multifunctional truck unit, 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 specifications in the dimensions of the body have a size that includes large. This is solely to support the functionality of this New Ranger. Although it looks very large, but the actual dimensions of the Ford Ranger’s body dimensions are quite fitting considering the vehicle is prepared for heavy work. New Ranger has a body size of 5,274 x 1850 x 1800 mm. For the double cabin variants the height reaches 1815 mm. The physical strength of the New Ford Ranger is also extraordinary. In fact, this car can tow loads up to 3,500 tons.

In addition to the very large body dimensions, this car also has a ground clearance or the highest distance to the ground 800 mm so that it will make it easy to control, including when driving on rocky roads. Large body certainly needs optimal suspension support.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Suspension

2021 Ford Ranger 4x4 Suspension
2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Suspension

To provide comfort to the rider, the Ford Ranger is equipped with a suspension system with Independent Double Wishbone technology combined with a perch in the front chart. The front suspension on the truck is also equipped with a stabilizer that works to reduce vibration. As for the rear suspension, the Ford Ranger uses suspension technology Rigid Axle and Leaf Spring which is supported by the Shock Absorber feature. With this suspension, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to bring New Ranger along the very unfriendly streets.

The suspension suspension on the 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 is also supported by a high-tech braking system. For the front brakes, Ford pinned the Ventilated Disc with Brake Shileds braking system which would produce a firm grip. Then for the rear brake Ford Ranger uses the Drum Brakes system which will provide better braking and be able to maintain vehicle stability. Finally, the specifications of the Ford Ranger in the foot sector are reinforced by 16-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 255/70 tires.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Engine

2021 Ford Ranger 4x4 Engine
2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Engine

Although divided into four variants, but all types of New Ranger carry the same engine base. The four types of New Ford Ranger carry the Duratorq TDCi Mid-Power Diesel engine which is supported by the Turbocharger feature. The diesel engine base that Ranger has relied on for generations has indeed proven resilient.

The machine has a capacity of 2,198 cc, for Ford Ranger types of Single Cabin Base, RAS XL, and Double Cabin Base. Meanwhile, Ford also presents the New Ranger Single Cabin type with 2,488 cc engines. The engine on the Ford Ranger has also used EFI technology or Electric Fuel Injection which will produce more complete combustion.

So, in addition to being very powerful engine in this car is also quite economical fuel consumption. Maximum power that can be spewed by this Ford Ranger engine is 125 PS at 1,700 rpm. Whereas the torque reaches 320 Nm at 1,700 rpm. For transmission, this Ford Ranger specification will be driven by a 4WD or Four Wheel Drive transmission which will produce a more responsive engine pull.

2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 Feature

Although included in the category of multifunctional trucks, the Ford Ranger’s specifications have several advantages that lie in its complete supporting features. what is offered by 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 for the rider ?


In this New 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 there is a SYNCTM2 feature that allows the driver to do multitasking activities especially for telephone and music.


Another feature on the Ford Ranger is a safety feature in the form of Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning Alert which is a control system to slow down the vehicle automatically when it is very close to the object in front of it.

If there is a potential for an accident in front of this car, the system will signal with flashing lights and will adjust the brakes to immediately make braking faster.

Rear View Camera and Parking Sensor

The New 2021 Ford Ranger 4×4 also features a Rear View Camera and parking sensor that is connected to the LCD screen making it easier for drivers to park.

Anti Lock Bracking System and Airbags

There is also an ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) braking feature. To support other safety features, the Ford Ranger is also equipped with airbags, but only in the wheel except for the type of Ford Ranger Double Cabin Base Plus which is the highest variant.

For additional features or accessories from the Ford Ranger specifications, there are a number of accessories sold separately such as bonnet protectors, headlamp guards, plates, tubular side steps, snorkels, tubular sports bars, and also simline weather shields.

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