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2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Debut Next Week

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Debut Next Week

2021 Jeep Compass refresh is a compact crossover that offers a massive increase and will make its debut this week. With the presence of Jeep Compass Refresh reiterated that Jeep is not only synonymous with Wrangler which is priced high.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Debut

Based on news compiled from the official YouTube Channel Jeep Europe, 2002 Jeep Compass Refresh will be announced on Thursday, June 4 at 9:00 am Eastern Time. Basically a European compact crossover version like Jeep Compass will have some differences with the version offered here in the US, but outside the powertrain option, the difference is definitely relatively small.

2021 Jeep Compass refresh Debut
2021 Jeep Compass refresh Debut

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh will reportedly be revealed through a virtual press conference, which will be broadcast live on the Jeep Europe YouTube channel, we will see how much improvement is made on the latest generation of 2021 Jeep Compass Referesh.

Two years ago, 2021 Jeep Compass would be the first of its products to receive Level-3 autonomy and improved connectivity.

Autonomy Level-3 refers to an automatic driving system that can take over all the tasks of driving, cruising, acceleration, deceleration, and keeping a vehicle safe in its tracks in certain circumstances.

Such as the GM Super Cruise System, which is capable of operating on more than 200,000 miles of mapped freeways in the US and Canada.

Redesigned front fascia 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh with grille combined with slightly modified headlights and rear lights. It is not impossible that in the future Jeep Hybrid will be able to compete in its ranks.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Exterior

Between Jeep Renegade or Cherokee, 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh is very interesting inspiration from both. This is because Compass retains some of the strong appeal of the larger Cherokee and integrates Renegade’s modern style so that it becomes an elegant Jeep Compass.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Specs
2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Specs

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh on the low type will adopt 16-inch steel wheels, while the upper trim gets a 19-inch Satin-finish alloy. On the front fascia display the host plays for a typical Jeep seven-slot grille, framed by quad halogen headlights, combined with fog lights embedded inside the bottom bumper on the top trim.

Each type of 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh is equipped with a black bottom bumper and wheel cladding. but in 2021 the Jeep Compass Trailhawk looks a little different from the black decal hood and 17-inch alloy wheels.

The Altitude and High Altitude types also have special display packages such as a bright exhaust tip, black roof, and 18-inch black wheels. In the high type also gets double HID headlamps, LED rear lights, and power side mirrors that are heated with body color.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Dimension

Crossover 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh is designed more concise and not too big, has a length of 173 inches with a relatively short wheelbase of 103.8 inches.

2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk
2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk

Jeep Compass Refresh has a width of 73.8 inches, so it is quite maneuvering around the city. However, there are several variations between different configurations, with the front wheel drive model will get a ground clearance of 7.8 inches, while all wheel drive models get a ground clearance of 8.2 inches.

In the type 2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk has a Clearance greater than the other that is equal to 8.5 inches. Jeep Compass Refresh has a height of 64.6 inches excluding roof rails and 64.8 inches including rails.

To offer the best Off-road experience, Jeep Compass Trailhawk offers an approach / breakover / departure angle of 30.3 / 24.4 / 33.6 degrees. 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh has the lightest weight of 3.184 lbs while the heaviest is a maximum of 3.633 lbs.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Engine Performance

In 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh has a variety of powertrain options and overall performance remains very standard across all ranks.

2021 Jeep Compass engine
2021 Jeep Compass engine

With a single-choice inline four-cylinder engine capacity, it can be driven with a six-speed manual transmission, a six-speed automatic, or a nine-speed automatic, paired with a front wheel drivetrain or four-wheel drive.

The Jeep Compass Trailhawk model is the most capable on the ground with better ground clearance and off-road suspension. Getting a high front grille is expected Jeep Compass can wade water as high as 19 inches.

Pot four produces power of only 180 hp and produces 175 lb-ft of torque, so Kompas is far from athletic. With a standard six-speed manual transmission and front wheel drivetrain, it takes ten seconds to reach 60 mph.

In the automatic transmission configuration makes the trip a little smoother, making the same sprint about half a second faster. Whereas the all-wheel drive engine offers a greater increase, it takes 8.5 seconds to reach 60 mph with a six-speed manual transmission.

The 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh features a four-wheel-drive that is rated for towing, but even this configuration can only handle up to 2,000 lbs, this capability is actually very low when compared to the Toyota RAV4 AWD which is able to tow 3500 lbs load.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh carries a capacity of 2.4 liter Tigershark inline four-cylinder engine. This powertrain is able to develop 180 horsepower and produce torque of 175 lb-ft. Driven with a six-speed manual transmission comes standard on the FWD and 4WD versions of Sport and also standard on the 4WD Latitude.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Interior

On the interior, the 2021 Jeep Compass refresh crossover offers interiors as you expect and will meet your expectations.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Interior
2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Interior

Material on the interior has a good overall build quality and most high traffic areas have enough soft touch material to give the impression of a more premium and elegant interior.

Available space for five passengers and enough space to store goods with a very wide cargo. Passenger seats are well placed, as are controls for features on the infotainment system.

The SUV 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh seems designed to be a great daily driver, even for long distances, with the quality of the cabin and seats reflecting the same thing.

You will get a slightly newer interior enhancement with leather wraps and heated or ventilated seats for an additional fee.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Cargo

As mentioned above, 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh does not have the worst cargo capacity in the area of 27.2 cubic feet. But the presence of competitors such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 each supplied more than 30 cubic feet.

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Folding the rear passenger seat will free up space to 59.8 cubic feet. There are lots of nooks and crannies around the cabin to store smaller items.

2021 Jeep Compass Dimension
2021 Jeep Compass Dimension

Not only that, in each row of chairs is equipped with a pair of cupholders, and each door offers a large storage bag.

And on the front rear passenger seat has a map pocket, and the center armrest console is quite large. There is also a standard glove compartment in front of the passenger seat, although it is rather small.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Infotaiment

The 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh infotaimen section is a seven-inch Uconnect 4 touch screen that supports Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto, all of which are channeled through a six-speaker sound system.

2021 Jeep Compas Infotaiment
2021 Jeep Compas Infotaiment

There are SiriusXM features available on all models except Sport models. The HD Radio feature can only be added as part of the navigation package, which further adds GPS navigation and SiriusXM Traffic.

In the tall type models get a larger 8.4 inch touch screen, but no additional features are added.

There is an Alpine premium sound system with nine speakers present at high type, but can be added to all except the entry level Sport.

The FCA infotainment system continues to be a prominent feature with intuitive controls, fast responses, and excellent voice commands.

For connectivity in 2021 Jeep Compass Refresh is available with an additional USB port and input jack, while another USB port is available behind the center console for rear passengers to charge smartphone devices.

Smartphone devices can also be charged through one of two standard 12-volt power outlets or 115-volt power outlets available on Jeep Compass Trailhawk models and above.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Price

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh is available with so many models and display options available. The price for 2021 Jeep Compass is still affordable even though it is on a high model.

2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Exterior
2021 Jeep Compass Refresh Exterior

The basic Jeep Compass Sport model will only cost the buyer $ 22,280, while Latitude adds a modest $ 3,345 on this.

The Jeep Compass Altitude and North Edition models are the ultimate appearance package for Latitude, priced at $ 27,045 and $ 27,975. Although this may be the top trim, Jeep Compass Limited is actually not the most expensive model, with MSRP starting at $ 28,630.

On the Jeep Compass Trailhawk special off-road models that set prices higher at $ 29,850. High Altitude is an appearance package for Top Tier Limited, and will cost the buyer $ 30,650. This price is for the front wheel drive model.

On other Jeep Compass Refress models you can get a four-wheel drivetrain for an additional $ 1,500.


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