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2021 RAM 3500 Limited Specs, Review

2021 RAM 3500 Limited Specs, Review

2021 RAM 3500 Limited is a mainstay pickup truck made by RAM that is intended to perform heavy tasks such as cranes, transporters, and off-road.

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2021 RAM 3500

Although designed to do heavy duty, this car is also designed with a very comfortable interior. Innovating with a new, stronger framework, and capitalizing on a powerful standard 6.2 liter V 8 engine, having vast space and ability and performance that can handle everything from dirty work to family travel.

The 2021 RAM 3500 Limited pickup truck already offers the best interior in its segment with luxurious car details and a list of very impressive technological features. 2021 RAM 3500 Limited is one of the pickup trucks that is not only designed for heavy duty and has a powerful engine, but also the quietest, most comfortable, and most refined ever.

Capitalize on the legendary Cummins turbo-diesel engine of this brand has 1000 lb-ft of torque, and this is more than that of its heavy competitors from Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC.

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What’s New at 2021 RAM 3500 Limited

2021 ram 3500 Limited specification
2021 ram 3500 Limited specification



If you have seen from the previous generation, then for the latest generation of 2021 RAM 3500 Limited it is unlikely that much will change. The new Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Night Edition, which is offered at the Big Horn and Laramie trim levels, includes a monochromatic design in a variety of body colors with 20-inch black wheels, black badging, and black interiors.

The truck is equipped with steering and adaptive steering assistance which is also available in each RAM 3500 trim, and blind-spot monitoring, which includes trailer coverage, is offered along with the trailer tire pressure monitoring system.

Interestingly, 2021 RAM 3500 Limited is one of the trucks that has received an additional camera system, which supports up to two cameras, and a 50 gallon fuel tank with a Crew Cab model with an eight foot bed.

Very much awaited the presence of 2021 RAM 3500 Limited. Trucks that are designed with full performance and comfortable interiors and have the very latest technology are expected to be able to provide more and many changes that occur when presented.


2021 RAM 3500 Limited Engine

2021 ram 3500 limited engine
2021 ram 3500 limited engine


With a standard V8 engine with a capacity of 6.4 liters, this engine is capable of producing 410 horsepower and can produce 429 lb-ft of torque. The engine of 2021 RAM 3500 Limited is driven by an automatic transmission with eight speeds that is very good.

In the Diesel engine model version, this engine is capable of producing 370 horsepower and 850 lb-ft of torque. while the HO version is capable of producing 400 horsepower, which is only available at 3500, producing an incredible 1000 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are supported by eight automatic speeds.

The Cummins V-8 engine is capable of producing power of 490 horsepower, so that these diesel models do not handle well enough around the city, and they are not fast, but they can transport and pull significantly heavier.

Although the Ram 3500 has made various improvements to the Cummins engine, this version still feels more noisy than the V8 engine.

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2021 RAM 3500 Limited Towing

2021 ram 3500 limited towing and payload
2021 ram 3500 limited towing and payload

Towing and Payload

This is interesting from the 2021 RAM 3500 Limited which uses a Cummins HO engine that is capable of producing 1,000 lb-ft of torque, 2021 Ram 3500 has a towing capacity of 35,100 pounds and a maximum payload of 7680 pounds.

The towing and hauling capability possessed by this truck is the highest of its competitors. When capitalizing on that machine, the more popular Cabin 4×4 model offers a maximum payload of 2380 pounds and carries a trailer with a maximum load of 19,010 pounds. That is a strong number in its class.

But by using the Cummins version which produces 370 hp of power, this truck can carry 3240 pounds and pulls up to 16,870 pounds. With a standard V-8, the truck can also handle up to 3,240 pounds, and is capable of up to 14,370 pounds.


2021 RAM 3500 Limited Exterior

2021 ram 3500 exterior
2021 ram 3500 exterior

On Chevrolet trucks, they are designed with a very handsome appearance and look bold with new big trucks. But the 2021 RAM 3500 truck still maintains an appearance similar to half a ton. There are some changes to the front side of the crosshair grille, which in the latest generation has been replaced with the letter R-A-M on all models. The new grille is also wider and tenuous, so it can not only increase air flow but also to create a more impressive presence on the road.

This truck has been equipped with new headlights, with many models accepting upgraded LED units, as well as rear lights that are also equipped with LED lights. Different bed lengths are also available depending on what work you are trying to complete. For those who need towing or maximum load, a double rear wheel truck is optional. The backup sensor even protects the fenders on the double-rear wheel model.

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2021 RAM 3500 Limited Interior

2021 ram 3500 limited interior
2021 ram 3500 limited interior

Most pickup trucks at their levels have different interiors, both in terms of vast space and interior materials, passenger space, and the number of technological features in the cabin can vary greatly. Although the interiors of heavy duty trucks from Ford, Chevy and GMC are also large and luxurious in the interior, the 2021 Ram 3500 Limited has the best interiors in its segment with super extr comfort levels. The design was designed with a clean modern.



The cabin design also features functional controls and an adequate and adequate interior storage. The multilevel center console can accommodate a laptop with a 15.0 inch screen. 2021 RAM 3500 is also equipped with standard acoustic glass and active noise cancellation that is fastened into the audio system, so that this truck not only has high performance but is also a quiet truck on the interior and looks like a luxury car.

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2021 RAM 3500 Limited Infotaiment

2021 ram 3500 infotaiment
2021 ram 3500 infotaiment


2021 Ram 3500 Limited is very special by having technology that can compete with luxury sedans and SUVs in the cabin, including the latest infotainment technology. The system in 2021 Ram 3500 Limited is intuitive, with simple menus and prompts.

It has a touch screen that is very fast responding at 8.0 inches large and well placed. The Ram 3500 also offers a giant 12-inch reconfigurable touch screen, which is the largest in its class and gives the interior and appearance of a high-tech truck.

2021 RAM 3500 Limited also has a navigation system, 4G LTE mobile hotspot, and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration. RAM 3500 has provided five USB ports for up to three 115 volt outlets, which can handle up to 400 watts to run or quickly charge the device.

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2021 RAM 3500 Limited Safety

2021 ram 3500 safety features
2021 ram 3500 safety features

Safety Features

2021 Ram 3500 Limited juga sudah dapat dilengkapi dengan beberapa fitur bantuan pengemudi. Meskipun fitur pada truk 2021 Ford Super Duty unggul di kelas ini dengan menawarkan banyak dari sistem keselamatan.

Truk ini sudah mendapatkan fitur sensor parkir depan dan belakang standar, sementara paket Grup Keselamatan opsional termasuk kontrol jelajah adaptif, mitigasi tabrakan depan dengan pengereman darurat otomatis, pemantauan blind-spot, dan deteksi jalur lintas jalur belakang.

Fitur keamanan truk ini juga menyediakan pengereman darurat otomatis dengan peringatan tabrakan ke depan, serta tersedia pemantauan blind-spot dengan bantuan lintas lalu lintas belakang, dan menyediakan kontrol jelajah yang adaptif.


Price List

The price for 2021 RAM 3500 Limited 4×4 Cab is around $ 67,500 and may increase with a few changes.



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