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2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Redesign

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite Redesign

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite –  Honda Passport is one of the medium sized SUVs from Honda, it is actually an Isuzu Rodeo. Both the first and second generation Honda Passport AWD models that were built from 1993 to 1997 and from 1998 to 2002 were not actually manufactured by Honda at all, which is why we were surprised when the nameplate was brought back for the latest generation model. Now in the next generation, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite is actually produced by Honda in Lincoln, Alabama, where the company is also building a larger 2022 Honda Pilot SUV.


2022 Honda Passport AWD Exterior
2022 Honda Passport AWD Exterior

Honda noticed that they lost an important part between the Honda CR-V and the Honda Pilot as three-row medium sized SUVs, so Honda decided to issue the name Honda Passport Elite redesign with a new model. The Honda Passport 2022 is designed as a sportier, rougher and slightly smaller version of the Honda Pilot 2022 which costs a little cheaper and only includes a two-row passenger seat configuration. This mid-sized SUV shares the engine and platform with the larger New Honda Pilot 2022 and has been brought unchanged from last year’s model.

What’s New at 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite ?

Some refreshments were made for the latest generation of the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite as a completely new model, the Honda Passport continued until 2022 without major changes.

Honda Passport AWD Elite Specs :

  • Engine: 3.5-liter V6 Gas
  • Transmission: 9-Speed Automatic
  • Drivetrain: All-Wheel Drive
  • Configurations: Elite AWD
  • Horsepower: 280 hp @ 6000 rpm
  • Torque: 262 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
  • Seats: 5 Seater
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 19.5 gallons
  • Trunk Volume: TBC
  • Steering Type: Rack-Pinion

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2022 Honda Passport AWD Exterior

In this latest generation, the Honda Passport AWD 2022 has a sportier and more resilient appearance than its three-row cousin New Honda Pilot EXL. Passport 2022 is a handsome SUV and the generous application of black petals adds to its adventurous behavior. All Honda passport AWD variants get LED brake lights, LED fog lights, dual exhausts, and black or gray 20 inch wheels.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite
2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite

There is a one-touch power Moonroof and power tailgate available more on the Honda Passport high variant. Honda also provides a variety of styling packages available to further customize the appearance of your 2022 Honda Passport AWD.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Dimension

In terms of size, the latest generation of Honda Passport AWD 2022 is shorter than the latest Honda 2022 Pilot, but both of these cars have the same 111-inch wheelbase, the overall length of the New Honda Passport is 190.5 inches, width is 78.6 inches and height 71.6 inches for the 2WD variant or 72.2 inches if you opt for the Honda Passport AWD 2022.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Dimension
2022 Honda Passport AWD Dimension

The 2022 Honda Passport has a ground clearance level of 8.1 inches which is impressive for the AWD Passport version, while for 2WD it gets 7.5 inches. Passport 2022 also has an approach or departure angle of 20.6 / 26.8 degrees in the guise of 2WD and 21.4 / 27.6 degrees in the AWD configuration.

As a medium-sized SUV, the 2022 Honda Passpost AWD Elite has a curb weight varying between 3,959 pounds for the basic 2WD trim and 4,237 for the Honda Passport AWD having around 82 lbs lighter than the New Honda Pilot. The Honda Passport Elite feels great in this segment, so if you like the feel of a smaller crossover, Passport Elite is not an option.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Exterior Colors

For color choices, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD has a variety of colors to choose from with a total of eight colors provided for the new generation of Honda Passport AWD and 2WD. There are shades of pearl with Platinum White, Deep Scarlet, Black Copper, Black Forest colors, but this color is not available on the basic Sport trim. Crystal Black and Obsidian Blue are also available, while the two metal options are decorated with Lunar Silver and Modern Steel colors. If you like the lighter shades that emphasize the broad black body part of Passport. Whereas the darker color pattern makes it a fairly aggressive look that further distinguishes the 2022 Honda Passport from the 2022 Honda Pilot.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Performance

In terms of powertrain, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite only has one engine choice in the Honda V6 with a 3.5-liter capacity, but can produce a strong output of 280 horsepower and produce torque of 262 lb-ft that is able to ensure that there is more than enough performance offered.

The Honda Passport 2022 can go up to 60 mph in about six seconds in a 2WD or AWD configuration, and this is one of the cooler crossovers around us. Bringing a powerful engine, the Passport SUV is able to pull loads up to 5,000 pounds with AWD configuration and 3,500 pounds with 2WD configuration.

There is Honda’s Intelligent Traction Management System equipped with Snow mode, while the 2022 model Honda Passport AWD has Snow / Sand / Mud mode, which is able to improve driver control in various challenging conditions.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Engine

The 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite and other variants carry the famous 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is capable of performing tasks on a number of other models at the marque. With a naturally aspirated i-VTEC engine, it produces power of up to 280 horsepower and produces 262 lb-ft of torque and is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Engine
2022 Honda Passport AWD Engine

New Honda Passport AWD has a lighter weight than the New Honda Pilot, so that its performance is even better. The nine-speed transmission has been reset for the Honda Passport and the paddle shifters feature for a more practical and comfortable driving experience. The new transmission tone is better and softer than previous generation transmissions but can still be caught loosening gears too high when you need a fast acceleration explosion. After the transmission exchange time is in the right gear, the V6 engine is able to produce adequate acceleration. There is a sophisticated idle-stop system installed for all 2022 Honda Passport Elite and other variants to improve fuel efficiency.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Driving Impression

When talking about public experience, driving a New Honda Passport AWD is very satisfying and impressive. By basing it on a three-row SUV platform, the Honda Passport has created a mid-sizer that feels great from behind the wheel. This is certainly very good for drivers who feel more comfortable when they are in the steering wheel. Basically, drivers who prefer a more agile experience for the 2022 Passport, especially when it comes time to park this Honda passport without an option for a bird-eye camera system.

On the road, the Honda Passport New Model shows a comfortable ride with minimal road noise, so it is great for long trips. Honda also praised the Honda Passport Elite’s off-road capabilities on several terrain including dirty and harsh terrain, and the Honda Passport AWD appeared very impressive.

The VTEC V6 engine is equipped with a 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite, which provides smooth but fast acceleration and a pleasant engine record. This SUV has a nine-speed transmission that is driven imperfectly but is still smoother than the latest generation Acura MDX. The Honda Passport has set the transmission to kick down more easily when throttle is applied, although it can still be buried in too many gears when a fast explosion is needed.

Putting the transmission into sport mode will force the transmission to hold the gear longer, making it easier to maneuver fast passes.

Honda has done a great job by making the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite with some technology not feel like the best of the company. This SUV also has adaptive cruise control off at low speed and lane keep assist does not provide as much steering intervention as is done on several other Honda models.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Gas Mileage

On the performance side offered by this SUV, the gas mileage of the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite is really worth it. The EPA rated numbers work up to 20/25/22 mpg city / highway / combined for the Honda Passport variant that is configured with 2WD, and 19/24/21 mpg which is slightly thirsty for the AWD model.

2022 Honda Passport has a tank capacity of 19.5 gallons without ordinary lead, the FWD configuration will manage a combined cruising distance of about 429 miles. Overall, Passport 2022 has a good show of Honda crossovers with an average of 19-mpg on the configuration of the Honda Passport AWD.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Interior

When talking about the interior of the 2022 Honda Passport cabin. Getting the impression of a very spacious and spacious room even though six inches shorter than the space of the Honda Pilot 2022, it’s just that the lack of Passport from the third row means that less space is maximized for the remaining two lines.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Interior
2022 Honda Passport AWD Interior

2022 Honda Passport AWD and other configurations only use high-quality materials that are clearly visible from the dashboard to the seat and door panels, the interior of the Honda Passport cabin feels sturdy and soft to the touch. Equipped with standard tri-zone climate control, comfortable seats that are easy to enter, and plenty of storage space, the cabin of the Honda Passport 2022 is the right place, even for long trips. In the driving position, the driver is also spoiled with good visibility and widely adjustable seats.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Cargo and Trunk

As a medium-sized SUV, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD is able to issue third-row seats to be able to dedicate special space for large cargo. This paid off in the Honda Passport 2022 with a space of 41.2 cubic feet wide which can accommodate family goods and complete holiday goods behind the second row, and make the Honda Passport 2022 become one of the most capable cargo and passenger carriers in the segment this, though at least if you only need to carry five.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Cargo
2022 Honda Passport AWD Cargo

By folding down the rear passenger seat and space the Honda Passport will free up at least 77.9 cubes of space. Not only wide space is available, but additional features add to the flexibility of this Honda Passport Sport. This large SUV is also equipped with decent underfloor storage for smaller valuables. There are four fastening anchors in the cargo area, and the cargo area bag latches to prevent the goods from shaking and irregular.

The New Honda Passport can also make the task of folding the second row very easy by providing two buttons in the cargo area automatically which can drop the seat down with a spring mechanism, which means you don’t have to bother and bother folding with a complicated lever.

There is some small luggage storage in the cabin which is also very impressive. Including the provision of a lockable glovebox, up to 11 cupholders, back seat pockets in the front seat, and the presence of a very large multi-function center console storage compartment will ensure that you and your family will not complain about the lack of storage in the Honda passport 2022.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Features

On the side of the features carried by the Honda Passport AWD with a slightly high variant with a fairly high price tag. 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite and All models get automatic tri-zone climate control, push-button start feature, rearview camera, cruising control, and several Honda Sensing driver aids from collision mitigation braking systems to adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning.

Some features are further within reach, the 2022 Honda Passport AWD is equipped with features such as white ambient LED lighting, power adjustable front seats with heating systems, as connectivity there is memory, Wi-Fi hotspots, ventilated front seats, and rear view mirror automatic dimming. Only the Honda Passport top trim has a heated outboard back seat.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Infotaiment

In the Infotainment system section, the New Honda Passport Elite 2022 is equipped with a Honda touch screen that is easy to use and is placed on an eight-inch touch screen on all except on the basic trim of the Honda Passport Sport which is only equipped with a five-inch touch screen that does not have many advanced features However, at least the basic trim of the Honda Passport is equipped with seven speakers including a subwoofer.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Infotaiment
2022 Honda Passport AWD Infotaiment

The touch screen on this SUV has a touch response on an eight-inch system that is upgraded quite quickly, even though some menu buttons are very small. There are Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM and HD Radio which are also available on all variants of the 2022 Honda Passport AWD except for the Sport model variants and the Touring trim adds a 10-speaker audio system.

In this SUV there is also a built-in Navigation feature also added to the Touring trim but with CarPlay and Android Auto, don’t feel the need to use it. there is also a wireless telephone charging pad which is only available on the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Safety

The previous generation Honda Passport was named the Top Safety Pick by IIHS. Passport achieves good ranking distribution, except for the headlights and small front overlap test on the passenger side, where it is a very good value. NHTSA also places a high value on the previous generation Honda Passport, giving it a full five star for overall safety. As for the 2022 latest generation Honda Passport AWD, the two parties have not yet tested and provided an official assessment of the New Honda Passport.

How Good is 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite ?

2022 The Honda Passport AWD is a medium-sized SUV which makes it one of the most competitive in the market but Honda has entered the market intelligently with the presence of the New Honda Passport. This car offers the widest and widest cargo space of any vehicle in the two-row section of this segment and the leading passenger class volume is near. Bringing a V6 engine The Honda Passport offers more character than most engines in the medium-sized SUV segment and being driven by a nine-speed automatic transmission seems to have been improved.

2022 Honda Passport AWD Seats
2022 Honda Passport AWD Seats

In the 2022 Honda Passport Release Date later, we hope Passport safety technology is a little more advanced, and some complaints from buyers are sufficiently heard to improve the next generation. Buyers who do not enjoy driving large-sized Honda Passport SUVs will not feel comfortable at Passport, but if you prefer high-quality materials and metals around you, a Honda Passport is the right choice than a cheaper choice of American and Korean cars.

The 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite feels like a comprehensive choice in a very competitive space and we would have no trouble recommending it.

Price List

When it comes to prices and you choose the 2022 affordable Honda AWD passport, the most affordable model is the Honda Passport Sport that carries an MSRP of $ 32,000, and does not include taxes, licenses, registration, and brand destination fees of $ 1,100. Furthermore, there are two middle class trims – the EX-L will be priced at around $ 36,500 and the 2022 Honda Passport Touring is priced at $ 40,000. While the high model Honda Passport Elite will require you to pay more than $ 44,000.

For the selection of the 2022 Honda Passport has the first three trims by default with a 2WD configuration, but each AWD configuration is priced at $ 2,000. Whereas the 2022 model variant of the Honda Passport Elite high version is only available with AWD drivetrain only.

Which One The Best ?

2022 Honda Passport provides several variants Like most Honda models, there is a mid level trim 2022 Honda Passport EX-L is the most recommended. This trim level will make you pay below the $ 40,000 price tag for the 2WD and AWD models while offering the strongest range of choices.

Some features are provided in this car such as leather, adjustable front seats with heated power, electric sunroof, power tailgate features, blind spot monitoring, rear goggles, and also an eight-inch touch screen infotainment system that has been upgraded from generation to generation. previous.

Unfortunately, you will lose some comfort such as ventilated seats, heated rear seat features, and parking sensors, but you will save around $ 5,000 compared to the highest variant of the 2022 Honda Passport AWD Elite.

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