2022 Honda Pilot EXL Specs For USA

2022 Honda Pilot EXL Specs For USA

2022 Honda Pilot EXL remains the belle of cars in the USA in previous generations. The Honda Pilot EXL keeps maintaining the model by always making improvements and upgrades every year so that it can compete with competitors.

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2022 Honda Pilot EXL Review

Using a V6-powered engine capable of releasing power of up to 280 horsepower, the car is capable of driving extraordinarily responsive to an SUV. 2022 Honda Pilot EXL is still a strong competitor against some rival SUVs such as the Mazda CX-9 or Kia Telluride.

2022 Honda Pilot EXL Review

Compared to its competitors, the Honda Pilot EXL has a narrower cargo volume of 16.5 cubic feet compared to other competitors, but with some of the more advanced features such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will provide a special attraction, but has not been able to rival the given 2022 Honda Pilot EXL.

In the 2022 Honda Pilot EXL, you will be able to enjoy a variety of sophisticated features, spacious interiors, excellent safety features, excellent draw capability, and have a passenger seat up to a capacity of 8 people.

This Pilot EXL SUV not only provides engine performance and is rich in advanced features and technology in its interior, but is also able to offer driving comfort as a family.

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Honda Pilot EXL Specs :

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2022 Honda Pilot EXL Exterior

2022 Honda Pilot EXL

2022 The Honda Pilot EXL is likely to have many very significant changes and improvements. Although there is a type of 2022 Honda Pilot Black Edition, the EXL Pilot variant still outperforms the USA market. This SUV is equipped with various advanced features, a very spacious interior, front seat embossed, and has an elegant infotaiment for an SUV.

2022 Honda Pilot EXL Engine

Honda Pilot EXL Exterior

2022 Honda Pilot EXL is an SUV in the middle class. The EXL pilot has similarities with the Honda Odyssey minivan. The front side has been decorated with automatic low-beam LED lights that frame the grille, the manufacturer’s logo is placed between two thick horizontal bars on the grill side.

The Pilot EXL is also equipped with full LED headlamps and rear lights, along with LED fog lights, and power-sliding, or full panoramic, moonroof.

Not only that, this SUV is also equipped with LED daytime running lights, and uses 20-inch wheels.

Honda Pilot EXL Dimension

The Pilot EXL SUV has three rows of passenger seats and has a total length of only 196.5 inches, with a wheelbase of 111 inches. 2022 The Honda Pilot EXL has a width of 78.6 inches, with an overall height of 70.6 inches.

The Honda Pilot EXL also has a lightweight off-road capability, with a height of ground clearance reaching 7.3 inches, and an approach angle of 19.7 degrees, and a departure angle of 20.8 degrees.

The EXL 2022 Pilot SUV has a light weight of around 4,036 lbs, and this is slightly lighter than the toughest rival models in other middle-class SUVs such as the Kia Telluride, which weighs up to 4,482 lbs.

Honda Pilot EXL Engine

Using a V6 engine that is capable of producing 280 horsepower that can provide performance that is very amazing. This engine is driven by a six-speed automatic transmission, so with this powertrain, the 2022 Honda Pilot EXL is capable of racing fast for a heavy SUV.

2022 Honda Pilot EXL

2022 The Honda Pilot EXL is capable of driving up to 60 mph in a span of seven seconds, and this achievement is able to defeat its rival Kia Telluride, but still lags behind the rate of the Ford Explorer which only takes 6 seconds.

The equation of the three class SUVs won, which has a towing capability of up to 5,000 pounds by relying on the All Wheel Drive feature.

2022 The Honda Pilot EXL relies on a single V6 engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters and is capable of releasing power reaching 280 horsepower and producing 262 lb-ft of torque. The EXL pilot is driven with a six-speed automatic transmission.

With powerful Powertrain, it is enough to carry large SUVs around the city in a relatively fast way.

Honda Pilot EXL Interior

As a middle-class SUV, the 2022 Honda Pilot EXL has a wider Interior than some of the other three-row midsize SUVs. The Honda Pilot EXL room can accommodate up to eight passengers.

2022 Honda Pilot EXL Interior

The interior has used high quality materials. But the interior design looks monotone and there are no attractive elements around the cabin. For some people, a clean and simple design is very attractive for a family SUV.

Even though it has a very wide space, the 2022 Honda Pilot EXL has not been able to give a modern impression compared to its competitors, but for storage of small items still available in the interior of the SUV.

Honda Pilot EXL Cargo

The latest generation of 2022 Honda Pilot EXL has more than enough luggage space for daily needs or even for weekend getaways. Facilitated with all seats in place, available space of 16.5 cubic feet, but still inferior to the space owned by Kia Telluride and Ford Explorer, each offering 21 cubic feet.

2022 Honda Pilot EXL Cargo

By folding the third and second row seats, it is able to provide additional space of up to 83.9 cubic feet of space. The basic cargo capacity of 2022 Honda Pilot EXL is able to accommodate daily goods such as grocery shopping.

The Honda Pilot EXL excels in storing small items around the cabin, having 16 impressive cupholders provided between three rows of passenger seats. On the side of the door is also equipped with a door pocket, and a central armrest that can store small daily items.

Honda Pilot EXL Infotaiment

On the infotainment side, the 2022 Honda Pilot EXL is likely to bring the latest technology and be easy to use. The Honda Pilot EXL is equipped with an eight-inch LCD touch screen that has a Bluetooth feature, two USB ports, and an additional audio input cable.

2022 Honda Pilot EXL Infotaiment

It has seven speakers as an audio system that is capable of producing impressive audio quality. The LCD touch screen also supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HD Radio, and SiriusXM.

As another entertainment system, 10.2-inch LCD size is also found in the second-row passenger seat that supports Blu-Ray and HDMI inputs. The Honda Pilot EXL variant is expected to be able to provide improvements with the availability of wireless charging for smartphone devices.

Honda Pilot EXL Price

The Honda Pilot EXL variant gets an increase and seems luxurious with a bandaged seat, steering wheel and leather gear shifting and has a seat warmer feature. In addition, there is also a power moonroof and rear body is improved with easy power operation.

With some of the luxury features available in the 2022 Honda Pilot EXL, this car looks set to be priced above $ 40,000.


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