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2022 Tesla Model X Concept Fast Charging

New 2022 Tesla Model X Redesign, Concept, Rumors

2022 Tesla Model X Concept Fast Charging

2022 Tesla Model X – Who doesn’t know the TESLA electric car manufacturer? The TESLA vehicle is a premium car powered by an electric motor that improves fuel efficiency. The New 2022 Tesla Model X Concept also looks like it will soon be presented with various improvements and equipped with the latest technology. The Tesla Model X 2022 is a luxury SUV that has amazing performance and acceleration. Not only that, you will be able to feel an impressive impression when you first drive the 2022 Tesla Model X which is equipped with various advanced and modern features and technology.

2022 Tesla Model X Redesign
2022 Tesla Model X Redesign

Tesla Model X 2022

Of course, the 2022 Tesla Model X redesign focuses on quality and features luxurious features in it. In terms of the engine it carries, the New Tesla Model X will still be equipped with a pair of electric motors that will provide maximum performance of up to 60 mph in less than four seconds. Maybe in 2022 the Tesla Model X Performance has superior acceleration and speed, even its ability to beat its main competitor 2022 Jaguar I Pace. Overall, the 2022 Tesla Model X Refresh delivers what its users want.

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The improvement that will be given to the latest generation 2022 Tesla model X is charging. We predict that there will be a “Fast Charging” feature which will shorten and speed up the charging time. Certainly, TESLA continues to strive to improve its vehicles in terms of increasing power consumption efficiency as well as impressive technology usage.

New Tesla Model X Exterior

The exterior of the Tesla Model X will give a simple impression as an SUV. On the front side, there are LED headlamps and fog lamps which also give a subtle and simple impression. Interestingly, the 2022 Tesla Model X also offers a large panoramic windshield. There are flat handles and smooth folds. The New Tesla Model X looks like it still uses 20-inch alloy wheels like the previous generation. At the rear is decorated with a spoiler with a combination of two sunroof.

2022 Tesla Model X Concept
2022 Tesla Model X Concept

Tesla Model X Dimension

As a vehicle in the SUV lineup, of course the 2022 Tesla Model X has large dimensions and has enough space to put some items. The Tesla Model X measures 200 inches in length and 79 inches in width (excluding mirrors). This SUV also has a wheelbase of 117 inches and has a ground clearance level of 9 inches. The Tesla Model X uses a battery as a power source so this vehicle weighs a very heavy 5,630 lbs for the base variant.

2022 Tesla Model X Rumors Engine

The New 2022 Tesla Model X carries a pair of electric motors to generate power from a 100 kWh battery. In the front electric motor, it is powered by a permanent magnet motor while in the rear electric motor it gets its own motor. The combination of the two electric motors is capable of producing 535 horsepower and also producing 560 lb-ft of torque.

The Tesla Model X SUV is driven by a single speed automatic transmission, which is capable of providing the impression of smooth acceleration and response. On urban roads, the Tesla Model X 2022 has impressive performance and is able to accelerate and overtake other cars with ease or when the traffic is slower.

Tesla Model X 2022
Tesla Model X 2022

Gas Mileage

As an electric vehicle, the Tesla Model X has a high level of power efficiency. This SUV is capable of reaching official EPA levels of up to 99/93/96 MPGe on city / highway / combined cycle. With this figure achieved, the Tesla Model X offers a range of up to 350 miles. Meanwhile, if you rely on the Tesla Supercharger engine, it will increase to a range of 115 miles in just 15 minutes. When compared to its main competitor, the Jaguar I-Pace is only capable of achieving 80/72/76 MPGe on the city / highway / combined cycle with a maximum range of 235 miles.

2022 Tesla Model X Redesign Interior

Like its siblings, the 2022 Tesla Model X also has an interior that gives a modern and luxurious impression thanks to the presence of sophisticated and modern technology. On the dashboard, there is an infotainment system in the form of a 17-inch touch screen located in the center of the dashboard. Overall, the design inside the Tesla Model X 2022 looks very clean and premium. The luxurious impression also continues in the heating feature that is available on all seats.

Several color choices to choose from on the Tesla Model X are All Black color choices, which are combined with black leather seats. There is also a choice of White color with a color combination of n white seats with Dark Ash Wood, or Cream variants with additional costs incurred.

New Tesla Model X 2022
New Tesla Model X 2022

New Tesla Model X 2022 Infotainment

The New Tesla Model X offers an infotainment system in the form of a large 17-inch touch screen that also functions as another infotainment control system. This large touch screen is placed in the middle of the dashboard which will manage various features with the touch of a finger. The Model X is also equipped with Google Maps navigation features, Bluetooth connectivity and 2 USB ports, and also provides access to the SiriusXM satellite radio.

There are lots of inputs that can also be controlled via voice activation, given the small menu options on the screen are difficult to use and will distract you while driving. It is hoped that the latest generation of the Tesla Model X will feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay like some of its competitors.

Cargo and Space

Being in the SUV line, the Tesla model X also offers amazing cargo space and space. On the front, the Model X offers ample storage space to store a pair of carry-on luggage. Meanwhile, at the rear, there is 112.8 cubic feet of space which provides more space under the floor.

You will get the Tesla Model X with a large and maximum space by offering a room area of 81.5 cubic feet for a maximum overall volume of 88 cubic feet.

Tesla Model X Cargo and Space
Tesla Model X Cargo and Space

2022 Tesla Model X Price

There is no official price offered for the latest generation 2022 Tesla Model X. Some of the upgrades given will add to the costs. Provisional estimates that the price offered for the Tesla Model X 2022 starts at $ 90,000 for the base variant.

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