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2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Gets New Performance

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Gets New Performance

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid – The 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid is a mid-range sedan that is affordable, reliable, and overall has a beautiful appearance. The gas-powered Honda Accord 2024 was once one of the best sedans in its lineup. But now, the New Honda Accord presents Hybrid performance, as a firm statement that Hybrid vehicles are not boring cars.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Refreshed
2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Refreshed

The Honda Accord Hybrid 2024 offers a comfortable cabin interior quality, with premium materials that dominate the cabin lining. Meanwhile, the New Accord Hybrid 2024 provides a pleasant feel on each of your long-distance trips. This car is supported by a comfortable cabin supported by a medium-sized seat placement, so you don’t feel afraid of being squeezed. But the Accord Hybrid has to compete in the compact sedan lineup with the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2024.

What Is A Honda Accord Hybrid 2024?

The latest generation 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid is a mid-size sedan, exclusively designed alongside the Gas-powered Honda Accord lineup. The New 2024 Accord Hybrid presents several model variants, such as the Accord Hybrid as the base model, and above it there is the Accord Hybrid EX, Accord Hybrid EX-L, and Honda Accord Hybrid Touring.

The New Accord Hybrid 2024 relies on a 2.0-liter Naturally Aspirated four-cylinder engine combined with the performance of two electric motors, and produces a combined power of up to 212 horsepower. While its brother Honda Accord 2024 with Gas fuel features a pair of turbocharged four-cylinder engines with a capacity of 1.5 liters, which is capable of producing an output equivalent to 192 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque in the base model. However, the 2024 Accord 2.0T is the most powerful in its lineup, with an engine performance of 252 horsepower and torque reaching 273 lb-ft.

What’s New?

In the latest generation 2024 the new Honda Accord Hybrid features a wider front grille and improved radar in the Honda Sensing Suite. The 2024 Accord Hybrid offers a new design of LED headlights, a new steering wheel designed with a new paint color called Gray Pearl Sonic, and is only available in the highest model level.

The New Honda Accord Hybrid 2024 has a cabin interior that provides more adequate features and technology than the previous generation. An 8-inch LCD screen is now available as an infotainment system display, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at all model levels, with wireless integration being introduced, starting with the lower trim of the EX. There are also now new retracted rear brakes and low-speed control on the 2024 Honda Accord Touring. Even the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid, develops adaptive steering control assistance and lane departure warning features in an optimal and efficient manner.

Honda Accord Hybrid 2024
Honda Accord Hybrid 2024

Development details include:

  • Wider front grille
  • Effective Honda Sensing Suite upgrade.
  • LED technology headlights.
  • New steering wheel in new Gray Pearl Sonic color.
  • 8 inch LCD screen display.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Optimized wireless integration of the EX model.
  • New rear brakes with more effective grip.
  • Low speed control at Touring model level.
  • Development of adaptive driving control assist.
  • Departure lane warning feature.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Trims Model:

  • New Honda Accord Hybrid.
  • New Honda Accord Hybrid EX.
  • New Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L.
  • New Honda Accord Hybrid Touring.

New Honda Accord Hybrid 2024 Exterior

The exterior appearance of the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid gets a more refreshing design, although overall it is not too much different from its Gas-powered Accord sibling. The Honda Accord Hybrid cars at the front feature a new and wider grille design, and add lines with chrome accents. The LED headlights with three projectors look elegant, and are equipped with long range lights, fog lights and DRL lights.

The New Honda Accord Hybrid looks on the side, featuring body-colored exterior mirrors with black accents, body-colored door handles, and standard 17-inch alloy wheels. The roof with a more sloping view, and placing a power moonroof.

New Honda Accord Hybrid 2024
New Honda Accord Hybrid 2024

At the rear, the New Honda Accord 2024 looks sportier, with a distinctive style of LED lights, but the exhaust is hidden under the rear bumper. But overall the 2024 Honda Accord Redesign looks more elegant and sporty.

Exterior Features:

  • Wider front grille.
  • LED technology headlights.
  • Fog lamp.
  • Remote light.
  • Body color mirrors and doorknobs.
  • Mirrors with power folding and auto dimming features.
  • Power moon roof.
  • 17 inch rims.


  • Wheelbase, 111.4 inches.
  • Length, 196.1 inches.
  • Height, 57.1 inches.
  • Width, 73.3 inches.
  • Front Width, 63 inches.
  • Back Width, 63.4 inches.

Exterior colors:

  • Crystal Black Pearl.
  • Lunar Silver Metallic.
  • Red San Marino.
  • Platinum White Pearls.
  • Sonic gray pearl.
  • Still Pearl Night.

2024 Accord Hybrid Interior

On the interior, the cabin of the 2024 Honda accord Hybrid actually shares the look and interior design with the Gas version of the Accord. The base model Hybrid offers upholstered seats, while leather upholstery is available on the model above, as well as heated and ventilated seats.

New Honda Accord Hybrid 2024 Interior
New Honda Accord Hybrid 2024 Interior

Overall, the cabin interior of the New Honda Accord Hybrid 2024 can be said to be the same as the 2024 Gas-powered Honda Accord, as is the case with the Hybrid Sport which places the same features as the Accord Sport 2.0T. While the Hybrid Accord EX-L model adds an acoustic vehicle warning system that can detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Interior Features:

  • Chair with soft fabric lining.
  • Chair with leather upholstery.
  • The steering wheel is covered with leather.
  • The transmission wand is also covered with leather.
  • Sports pedals.
  • Four Cup holders.
  • Pocket on the back of the seat back.
  • Standard carpet floor.

Cabin capacity

  • Capacity, 5 seats
  • Front headroom, 39.5 inches.
  • Rear headroom, 37.3 inches.
  • Front legroom, 42.3 inches.
  • Rear legroom, 40.4 inches.


  • Heated seats as standard.
  • The driver’s seat can be adjusted with power up to 12 directions.
  • The passenger seat can be adjusted with four-way power.
  • The seats are ventilated and heated on higher models.
  • Power moon roof.
  • Standard temperature control.
  • Standard cabin lighting.
  • Higher model, with hemorrhoid lighting.
  • acoustic warning with pedestrian and cyclist sensors.
  • USB port charging.
  • Bluetooth connection.
2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior Model
2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Interior Model

Infotainment System

  • 8.0 inch touch screen LCD.
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
  • SiriusXM.
  • MP3 player.
  • 8 Speakers audio sound system.

Safety Features

  • 8 standard airbags.
  • Rearview camera.
  • New rear brakes with more effective grip.
  • Low speed control at Touring model level.
  • Development of adaptive driving control assist.
  • Departure lane warning feature.
  • Vehicle stability control.
  • Automatic brake.
  • Pre-collision warning with pedestrian sensors.
  • Automatic remote light.
  • Assistance in determining the path of departure.
  • Traffic alert.
  • Blind-spot area control assistance.

New Accord Hybrid 2024 Engine

For a pleasant and comfortable ride the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid might be a good car in our opinion, with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine paired with the performance of a dual electric motor. The Honda Accord Hybrid is capable of producing a combined power of 212 hp.

Equipped with a Continuously Variable Automatic (CVT) transmission, the Accord Hybrid 2024 transmits power to front-wheel drive (FWD), which can reach a distance of up to 614.4 miles on city roads, while on the highway it reaches 601.6 miles, and is equipped with 12.8 gallon capacity fuel tank. The 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid cars have a combined/city/highway combined cycle fuel absorption of 47/48/47.

2024 Accord Hybrid Redesign
2024 Accord Hybrid Redesign

However, if you are in a bit of a hurry and need more speed, we might suggest the New Accord sport 2.0T, which gives you power equivalent to 252 hp with up to 273 lb-ft of torque. This car is driven by a 10-speed automatic transmission that transmits power to front-wheel drive (FWD).

Down below, the 2024 Honda Accord on the standard model only delivers the equivalent of 192 horsepower, and up to 192 lb-ft of torque, from the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, and this model feels a bit slower than the model above.

2023 Accord Competitors

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid must compete with more established rivals, to gain a special place in the US automotive market, the competition faced by the new Honda Accord 2024 include:

  • 2023 Acura TLX.
  • 2023 Acura ILX.
  • 2023 Honda CR-V.
  • 2023 Toyota Avalon.
  • 2023 Toyota Camry.
  • 2023 Nissan Altima.

2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Price Release

As one of the most pleasing sedans, the 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid MSRP is very affordable, with the cheapest being around $27,200 as the base model, and the highest price the Honda Accord Hybrid Redesign has to offer for the top model in the $37,600 MSRP range. with the following details:

  • New Honda Accord Hybrid $27,200.
  • New Honda Accord Hybrid EX $31,720.
  • New Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L $33,550.
  • New Honda Accord Hybrid Touring $37,600.

Release Date

It’s almost certain that the New Honda Accord 2024 will be brought to dealerships next summer, but we hope to experience driving with the new look of the 2024 New Honda Accord Hybrid in less time.

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