2024 Toyota MR2 Review, Specs, and Price

2024 Toyota MR2 Review, Specs, and Price

2024 Toyota MR2 – Toyota released a car in the style of a roadster under the name MR2. The first MR2 was launched in 1984. The difference of this iconic car made by Toyota won awards at that time in 1984 and 1985, until the second generation was born in 1990 which still maintains the concept of sporty commuter with a sportier design.

2024 Toyota MR2 First Look Design
2024 Toyota MR2 First Look Design

New Toyota MR2 is an abbreviation of the name Midship runabout 2 seater. This means that this car has a capacity of 2 passengers or maybe you are more familiar with sports cars. For those of you who make car modifications, the Toyota MR2 can be an option as a deadly sports sedan.

2024 Toyota MR2 Review , What’s New?

The return of the MR2 would revive the three brothers ‘ Toyota sports cars of the 1990s, the Toyota MR2 with a four-cylinder mid-engine, the Supra with a six-cylinder front engine, and the Celica which used a front engine equivalent to a modern rear-wheel drive and four-cylinder.

2024 Toyota MR2 Exterior

Toyota MR2 2024 has a unique sporty visual appearance. Using tires at the front with a size of P 185 and at the rear measuring P205/50R15, and has used antilock brake system that is quite responsive, making the driver can accelerate the MR2 more safely.

New Toyota MR2 2024

If you look at a glance, the Toyota MR2 looks like a sedan but what you need to know, this car has a more pointed appearance and heavier weight. Although it looks slimmer than the size of other latest sports cars, the appearance of the MR2 does not disappoint because it is no less modern.

2024 Toyota MR2 Interior

You will find various luxuries presented on the MR2, because in its time this car was known as a modern elite car and there were various features provided by Toyota for you.

In the interior, you will get a CFC-free air conditioner that has been connected to the defroster, making the MR2 seem more alive and can help you reduce carbon. In addition, there are also functional side air intake ducts.

The interior of the Toyota MR2 2024 is complemented by a cooling system, power door locks, power windows, rear window glass with a defroster, a tilt steering wheel, as well as a rear wind deflector. But if you expect the storage space on this two-door car to be quite spacious, you don’t get it. Because this car has little storage space and is not spacious enough.

2024 Toyota MR2 Interior

The steering wheel is covered with three-spoke leather which adds a luxurious feel to the car. As for the odometer, you don’t want to lose, using the LCD along with the twin tripmeter can make it look even more impressive. The fuel level warning on the MR2 adds to the impression of a modern model because it can provide information about fuel capacity in a digital way.

For the class of two-seater roadsters, the Interior given by Toyota is comfortable and spacious. The steering wheel controls are known to be responsive and can provide positive reactions for the drivers.
The Shift knob is covered by leather, while the sequential gearbox uses a round knob with chrome color. The instruments on the dashboard also have a white color and have a classic but still sporty and elegant impression.

New Toyota MR2 Engine

Known as a sports car, Toyota MR2 has an engine with a capacity of 2000 cc combined with a 5-speed manual transmission that can produce potential power between 165 to 218 horsepower.

One of the reliable modifiers, Marty Sweatt modified the Toyota MR2 car by using the Audi S6 Avant engine to replace the original MR2 engine. By using a V8 engine with a capacity of 4200 cc, making the Toyota MR2 capable of producing power up to 340 hp and peak torque reaching 420 nm.

New Concept of Toyota MR2 2024

Not only that, in order to further maximize the engine power of this Toyota M2. Marty Sweatt added the supercharged M90. It is estimated that with the addition of this engine, the MR2 can produce power up to 400 horsepower.

But for the previous Toyota MR2, it has an engine with a power of 660 rpm and produces 156 hp, so it can be said for its class size, this car is able to drive at a stable speed. As for the transmission, the standard Toyota MR2 uses a manual transmission.

As for the MR2, 2024 is expected to be wilder by using V6 and hybrid assistance with 300 kW. Power is expected to come from a 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, possibly with the help of a mild hybrid system.

The Features of Toyota MR2 2024

Speaking of its features, for the safety features in the MR2, Toyota does not really provide the latest features. But you can find front seatbelt pretensioners, engine immobilizer, and passenger airbag deactivation.

All New 2024 Toyota MR2 Concept

2024 Toyota MR2 Price

The Toyota MR2 2024 is expected to have a price range starting from $25,000.

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